Monday, September 22, 2008

Trieste, Italy

Trieste was such a pleasant surprise! I would have never thought to head over there on my own, so I am very grateful the program took  me there to explore.

First, we went to Redipuglia and the WWI memorial which left me speechless. It was huge; over 100,000 soldiers were actually buried there including the Duke of Aosta who was the commander of the Third Army. Also, there were a few original trenches there. They were completely different than I thought they would be. They were made of concrete, had covers and semicircular holes to shoot out of. It was really interesting and cool to walk through. 

Next, we went to Castle Miramare right on the Adriatic Sea. The grounds were  beautiful and very well landscaped. Very pretty scenery and castle.

Then, Trieste was really cool. It is a port city on the very edge of Italy by Slovenia and Croatia. The architecture was more impressive than I would have thought, and it was a very happening city. Very Busy. We hung out around the piers for a while and then went into the city center for some wine, appetizers, and people watching. We caught a train to Ljubljana, Slovenia at around 11 that night. 

On the train we had an interesting experience. My roommate, Kyla, had a little more wine than she thought. In her drunkeness/sleepiness, she thought it safest to put her passport inside of her bra without telling anyone else what happened to it. Afterwards, we all catnapped for about an hour until the conductor came through the cabin to check tickets and passports. She woke up and had no idea where she put it, sending the rest of us to search not only the cabin we were in, but the entire train. She was convinced someone had taken it because it was out of her Kate Spade passport holder. Lots of tears and a few arguments later, we got off the train still having no idea what happened to the passport. It was not until we arrived at our hostel when she realized what she did with at when she changed for bed! The other three of us were so relieved and mad at the same time it was just appropriate to go to bed. After all, it was about 3 in the morning at this time and we were all exhausted. 

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