Monday, April 27, 2009

Social Media and Culinary Culture Collide

In my Strategic Social Media class, we are examining the benefits, strategies and tactics of social media. Yes, it is new and scary, but if you (a company) choose not to embrace social media, you are truly missing out on very valuable marketing, both self and through your customers.

While social media is just beginning to tackle the culinary world, there is one restaurant (on wheels) that has curbed its innovative strategy, and has as a result gained a huge amount of loyal followers. Their method: Twitter. Every evening they tweet the locations of their two taco trucks, Verde and Roja, and the hungry followers come. Howerver, Kogi BBQ's Los Angeles based trucks have done more than master the art of social media, they are culinarily adventurous as well. Marrying Korean BBQ flavors and using Mexican methods of delivery from plate to mouth, they offer the best of both worlds.

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