Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing Chicago

There are many reasons why I miss Chicago. Except for a certain life-long friend, food tops the list of things to miss.
Pepperoni deep-dish delicious, doughy, decadent goodness at Gino's East.

Just a sample of my first Korean food experience at Korean Seoulfood. The chef, Jae Cheon, treated us to Bi Bim Bop, marinated oriental veggies on rice, topped with a fried egg, BBQ Pork, Daen Jang Ji Gae, casserole with beef, tofu, and veggies in soy bean paste broth and Chap Chai, a noodle dish on the right in the picture.

Tagging our visit to Gino's East.

I couldn't resist free promotion!

Beer brewed bratwurst with saurkraut and duck fat fries at Hot Doug's.

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Camoduk said...

These pictures are making me hungry again. I loved the Korean! I think the element that made it was the "over easy" egg that we shredded into the dish. It was great as well as the Kim Chi of the house.
Great visit here with you Buddy.